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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hello again!!

I am here .... quietly working on projects and enjoying the holidays with friends and family.  One of the yearly traditions I have with my DGDs is to make gingerbread houses together.  We started when the girls were very young and it was a major mess and quite a challenge. One year we even made a gingerbread train and trees too.  But the girls are older now and are pretty independent with their creative process. Altho Lucky, my "quilt supervisor", decided it was time to also help them with their houses this year.

Lucky is helping Ju and Tay but Tay's pix would not load for me

 Ju (above) decided a blizzard hit her house and blew part of the roof off ... actually she ate it !!

No blizzard at Tay's house ... :-)

There is a lesson that I have learned repeatedly in my life.  And even tho I am now a grandmother, I had to be reminded of this lesson again this year. ( I am a very slow learn at times.)  Anyhow, I still haven't learned to never say 'never' ..... " I would never do that" and I find myself at some point and time doing that very thing.  Sometimes the phrase is said in self-righteousness and other times said in dread. My first Minkee quilt was so difficult to make, that I said I would never make another one.  But then I found myself with so much left over fabric that I could not let it go to waste ... so I found myself starting a second one.

Then about 2.5 weeks before Christmas my DD asked me if I would consider making another.  You see the daughter of her very close friend wanted a blanket like Robin's for Christmas.  Not only did she want one but it was 1 of only 2 gifts she that she asked for.  Guess what .... yes, I made another one .....

I even managed some pillows to match ....

Her favorite colors were orange and pink.  Each Minkee I make gets a little easier .... it is a good thing because I have bunches of leftovers to work with now ..... PLUS my long-arm gal gave me all her minkee scraps. Yippee!  That is what I get for saying "I'll never ...."

I have a modest collection of teapots.  It is not a collection that I intentionally started. It started when a  friend of mine died of Hodgkins Disease when we were both 24 and she left me her teapot.  Someone else saw it and gave me another. Then another person added to those two .... and so my collection has grown over the years.  I got a new tea set to add to the collection this year for Christmas .....

This has got to be the smallest tea set in the world and I love it !!  The lid actually comes off the teapot and the sugar bowl.  There is enough space inside to put a few drops of tea too.  How fun !!!!    Adorable !!!

Since the holidays I have been finishing quilting projects .... the Puzzle Quilt and the black & purple one made it to D.C. in time for Christmas for the DGD.  Just finished my DD's quilt this week. I have to finish her hubby's quilt and then those are off to D.C. too.   Hopefully this week.

Would love to hear from you all. I will be catching up on all your blogs this week ..... cheers and hugs to all .....


  1. Great pictures of the feline supervisor. lol I've never worked with minkee but you've piqued my interst. Love the colors in that quilt it's beautiful.

    The tiny tea set is precious. That's the way collections get started, with one of anything.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Love all the photos! The girls GB houses turned out so cute and I am so glad I am not the only person out there with a cat on the table trying to help!
    Love the quilt and God has a way of sticking our foot in our mouths anytime that never word comes out! This is from personal experience.
    I love the tea set- so tiny- and so sweet. Sorry that you lost your friend when you were both so young, but what a nice way of keeping her in your heart all these years.
    Hugs- Tete

  3. Looks like you all - the supervisor included - had tons of fun making the gingerbread house! Lovely! Ooh! That sharming tea set! Never seen a tea set that small! Love the quilt and the pillows!

  4. Hi Joanne! Good to see you back in blogland! It is so true about not saying never, and as you have already found out, practice makes perfect and things are not so hard to do! I am so glad, because your quilts and pillows are just striking and vibrant!You asked me on my blog if I quit my job and am pursuing my dream? YES!! The job just got too demanding and I just could not face myself doing that kind of work any longer. Now I am busy designing and embroidering. The linens I am currently working on are going to be for sale in my Etsy shop, in hopes that I might make up for the lost funds from quitting. I work on my designs late at night. But, all in all, I am so thankful to be home again, following my heart! Your tea pot collecting started up the same way with me! I have tea pots overflowing in my kitchen. My husband's Grandmother gave me the first that she no longer wanted. A beautiful rose decorated one from a long ago wedding present from her father. Then friends started digging theirs out of closets and cellars and I love each one. Keep up your beautiful stitching! Blessings,Kathleen


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