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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Busy, busy, busy !!!

I haven't forgotten my new friends in blogland but my DD2's wedding is now just a week away!!  Altho it is to be a "simple" affair ... simple involves more than the word implies. So between wedding drama, family drama, health issues and work drama ..... I have been away from everyone.  I visit my neighbors here but do not leave notes and obviously have not posted in a while.

BUT ... I have found a little time to sew.  My Pinwheel Party is just 1 block away from finishing ... I even made extra squares as the original quilt was too small for my purposes. And working a little on a quilt of strips with Minkee fabrics.  Boy, that fabric is a bear to work with even with a walking foot and a simple design !!!  Sewing is therapy to keep me sane and therefore a necessity!!  It works too !!

Wedding is this coming Saturday, June 5. Family and friends we have not seen in forever will be there.  Will tell you all about it next week.