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Friday, February 12, 2010

A real Singer sewing machine ....

This is my very first sewing machine !  And, yes, I did use it.  I do not remember how old I was when I got it but I know I started sewing in the first grade.

I made lots of doll clothes with it and was very happy with my accomplishment. It took a lot of coordination to crank that wheel and move my fabric along with only 2 little hands.

It was even a SINGER ... that was THE brand to have for many years !

In the second grade I made my first big person project.  It was an apron for my mother on her birthday and Mother's Day.  A neighbor helped me put it all together.  I have been sewing ever since.

Over the years (more than 50) I have moved a kazillion times thru times of turmoil as well as times of peaceful transition .....  my little sewing machine went every where with me.  It  is amazing to me that I still have it !  I still lose my car keys every other day .....