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Sunday, March 4, 2012

I am back !!!!

It has been about a year since I posted and I have missed visiting with everyone.  First I want to thank those of you who checked up on me during my absence to see how I was.  I really appreciated the care and concern you expressed to me.  Appreciated it a LOT !!   It is a large part of why I have decided to be courageous and start blogging again.

The trouble started with hardware/computer/printer/camera issues.  I could not get my photos to load for the life of me and then other difficulties developed.

Then my health deteriorated further.  I got very depressed about this .... I did not want to be depressed but I was.  The condition of chronic pain and fatigue can be brutal at times.  This past year was one of those  very dark seasons.

 Physically I am not out of the woods and the truth of the matter is that this may be as good as it is gonna get.  Doctors have stopped answering me when I ask "when is it going to get better?"  But it is something I can accept now. Accept what is and  the loss.

During this yukky, yukky year, I kept quilting ..... YEAH !!!!   Along with prayer and God's sustenance to help me .... there has been quilting .... creativity bringing light to some dark times.  Am so glad I renewed this part of my life before this particular storm hit me.  Being creative is such a blessing.  My DGD gave me a boost when she told me my stuff looks just like the stuff for sale in Anthropology.  That got her another quilt from her dear ole Grandma !!!! Smart girl!!

I did have to stop quilting for a few months when I fell and broke my foot.  I found I was just not coordinated enough to use the other foot on the foot pedal.  Couldn't drive either.   It did not help that the fracture did not show on the x-rays until I had been trying to walk on it for a month with excruciating leg pain ... so they took more x-rays from a different angles and what do you know?!! .... it was fractured. Great !!!! One more thing !!!

I was hand sewing but found I needed something even more mindless to do .... so I got out the ole yarn and crochet hooks.  Been having a ball with that while my foot was healing.... my cats love my yarn as much as they love my fabrics.  :-)

I will be visiting my old friends this week and will leave you all notes.  I have pictures but not ready to tackle loading them today.  Love to all.