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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Quilts !

We made them, altho the girls did not really wanted to sew ... they decided it was more work than they remembered from before.  That was OK ... we had fun.  I got out my box of fat quarters and they each picked out the fabrics they liked.  Then I cut the squares and the girls arranged the 6 inch squares to their own delight.  Here they are:

 Above is Madison's design of purples, aquas and greens. She laid it out in a graduating pattern.

Below is Emily's quilt top.  It looks like a very haphazard scrappy quilt, but she has a very definite system & pattern to her design.

 I love them both ... the quilts and the girls !!!  I am finally back at it .... quilting.  One of my daughters has asked for a quilt in browns and blues.  I can't wait to start that one .... she has never asked for one of her own, so I feel very honored.  This is all very good !