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Sunday, October 31, 2010

New projects

I have been having trouble with the blogger and so I have been unable to post for a while.  Today when I tried again, there was an added tool that had been missing before .... so maybe now it will work.

First on a personal note:  I applied for disability this week.... yea team !!!  After a couple of appointments my doctor put me on 3 months medical leave.  At the end of that, doc will re-evaluate my status.  Progress at last !  Again I want to thank everyone for your support, encouragement and very positive input/advice.  Now on to the quilts ......

Remember the Oh-Cherry-Oh D9P from August?  My DGD-J fell in love with it and eventually very tactfully requested it for her new bed as a bedspread.  I had to search high and low for some additional Oh Cherry prints as I needed to enlarge it a little so it would fit.  But no luck.  But then Elaine at Soggy Bottom Flats found some for me.  Yeah and Thank you, girl !!  I was then able to enlarge the quilt top enough to fit her bed and it is off to the quilter. This is an old pix of it:

I had a very insistent helper as I was finishing the top ...  Mama kitty, Lucky.  When I would spread the project out on the floor and turn my back,  she would come and pull the edges up in a swirl pattern to make herself a bed.  I would come back to find her parked in the middle of her newly made bed.  I would shoo her away, straighten it out and make whatever design adjustments I needed.  When I would trot off to the sewing machine out of her sight (yes, she always waited until I was out of the room),  she would come back and build her bed again.  We went thru this for almost an hour. Knowing how stubbornly persistent she is, I let her go until her nap was done.  I had other things I could work on .....

The Puzzle Quilt is at the quilter as well.  I made a pillow for DGD-E to toss on the bed with her quilt.  I need to get the sham done as well .... maybe another pillow too.  This one is an 18" square Twisted 9 Patch made with leftovers from her quilt:

Have already started DGD-M's quilt.  It is very different than all the others I have been worked on thus far.  Will post it later this week, now that I have figured out how to use the new system.  It is a simpler quilt pattern, but still choosing the fabrics to add is the most difficult part of it.  Not all of the fabrics we had originally picked worked well together.... especially one little area.  I am on the fourth fabric audition ... hope this one is IT !!!