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Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Forever-friend's quilt top

  1. Hello again,  It has taken me a while but I finally got this image uploaded to the blog.  I am trying to use a real camera instead of my phone camera ..... so far, not so good.

This is the quilt my forever-friend (Marcie) and I made while she was visiting here last month.  The fabrics she chose were all jewel toned batiks from Indonesia.  Gorgeous !!!  Working together, we got this queen sized bedspread (110" x 104") done in about 10 days or less.  It is an Eleanor Burns (Quilt In a Day) rendition  of Lover's Knot.

Because Marcie knew she would never get it hand quilted or machine quilted, I finished it for her into a duvet cover using another batik for the back and binding.  That way when she got home she could just slip her current bedding into the duvet cover and immediately have a brand new look for her room.
Presto!! Change-O !!  And there you go !!

I am working on the pillow shams to match now .... but have been a bit side tracked ....

My DD2 that got married in June, has been here for several days with her 2 daughters.  They came to say goodbye as they are moving to the Washington, DC area ....  3000+ miles away.  :-(  Her new hubby is in the Coast Guard and was transferred shortly after their wedding.  She, her 2 DDs and kitties will be driving across country the end of this week.

By the way, the Quilt In a Day shop is about a 1/4 mile from my house.  It has been fun to watch Eleanor's business grow over the years.  Luckily for Marcie, the shop was having a big sale when we went looking for fabric for this ambitious project !!!