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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Minkee #1 is finished !!

I got DD1's minkee quilt back from the long-arm lady.  She did such a fantastic job !!  It is a very hard fabric to work with (as I have said before) .... but she did not realize I had a pieced minkee top plus a minkee backing.  She said it was quite a challenge!  She did just enough quilting for it to be very pretty without distracting from all the different textures of the fabrics ... just wish the quilting showed up better in the picture.

Most important (to me at least) is that my DD1 absolutely loves it !!!!  She wrapped up in it to watch the football game and kept telling everyone "don't touch, this is MY blanket."  As a Mom, it was fun to see the little girl in her today.  It matches her living room beautifully.

Now I have to finish Minkee #2 .....

I also picked up DGD's Pinwheel Quilt with minkee backing.  No picture yet as I have to add the binding, but she enjoyed using it today ... the perfect cuddle quilt.

Progress report on the Puzzle Quilt:  Now at 107 - 6 inch blocks fully attached to one another.  Almost half way there.  Slow but sure, it is getting done ....

It is now too big to hang on my closet door.  I will have to find someplace else to hang it while I am deciding what goes next.  The entertainment center is perfect, but football season has begun.  :-)

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