This one has the correct viewpoint .... Yeah!!   1 pix  done 100% correct!! 
This is Big block #1:

This is a view of quilt detail on BB #1

Here we have detail on BB #2:

Big Block #3 is almost finished .... so I sorta have 3 out 9 BBs completed.  
I eventually want to go back an add embellishments in the form of beads
and charms.  Have already substituted some of the flowers with buttons.

My cousin is doing her BG Quilt in 30s fabrics and I have  seen many other 
color combos with this design on the internet.  All of them are gorgeous!
I love seeing how each person interprets the same design.
And I love seeing the variety in color combos everyone has.
So very inspiring!!!!

One day this will hang on my living room wall behind the couch.  I have a lot of  
dark  brown in that room so this will set it off nicely.  Brown and aqua is just one
of my favorite color combinations ..... as is purple and green or yellow ... oh,
I love red and aqua also.  Do you have fav color combos that you repeatedly
lean towards in your creative process?

More another  day.  Thanks for visiting