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Monday, December 6, 2010

An opportunity to bless another ....

A friend of my DD's here in San Diego was diagnosed recently with breast cancer.  Thank God it was early in the process that the cancer was found.  She did not have a lump, it was just a spot on the mammogram.   After a few tests and a couple surgical procedures ...  they found she had 'triple negative cancer" .... one of the worst kinds of breast cancer one can get .... very hard to treat. So now she is going thru chemo treatments.

I asked my DD about making her a quilt (sofa-throw size).  Found out her fav colors were purple and pink.  I could not find any 'breast cancer awareness' fabric any where ... NONE!  But then late one night on Etsy by way of Beijing, China I found some and the only color she had was purple and pink.  Yeah!!!  I was so happy!!!!  But then the fabric arrived ... it was REALLY pink and purple ...

It was very bright !  So my DD had to find out if her friend liked pastels or brights .... I was in good shape, her preference was brights.  I also discovered the fabric was not 44" wide ... it was 60" ... YIPPEE !!  I had more than enough fabric.   So I made my best quick, standby: D9P ....

If you look close there is another breast cancer awareness fabric in there .... light pink.  I found less than a yard of it toward the end of this project and worked in in.

Folded in half it was perfect size for sitting for hours in those infusion chairs at the chemo room.  Then unfold it and it was perfect to curl up in.  I was so happy to be able to bless this gal so much.

This is the semi-finished quilt top.  I added dark purple for binding and the original fabric was the main fabric for the backing... stitching in the ditch to finish it off.   Discovered this dream product that is a spray-basting product - spray fabric adhesive.  I am sure many of you know about it, but it was my first experience.  What an absolutely incredible product ... it made stitching the quilt together a dream.  It was so easy and wonderful !!!

DD, her 2 DDs and myself presented the quilt to my daughter's lovely friend.  It was a very special moment for all of us.

At some point in time in the midst of the sewing rush-job, I had a birthday and this wonderful gift arrived for me from my cousin.  She is a friend, a fellow quilter, a Christian, a blogger and an inspiration.  She made this for me!!  How fortunate I am ....

Would love to hear from you all....


  1. Awesome project. Glad you got it done with the pretty fabric you found!
    Hope you are feeling well, or pain free for most of it.
    Oh yeah- Happy Birthday.
    Hugs- Tete

  2. You nearly made me cry. Such a beautiful quilt. I don't like pink as much, but that quilt is stunning.
    The birthday gift from you friend is just gorgeous!
    What a special post.

  3. The pink and purple quilt is beautiful. I'm sure your daughter's friend is enjoying it. I especially like the purple binding.

  4. I hope because the cancer was caught early even though it is one of the worst kind that they will be able to treat her and get rid of it. Nice looking quilt you made for her. I'm sure she will appreciate it.

  5. LOVE this quilt! Pink is not my color, although purple is, but the combination is just stunning! I can only imagine how blessed she felt getting it. Can't believe that you had time to 'squeeze' that one in and STILL work on the others. God bless you for having such a helping spirit. I love the Sunbonnet Sue (is that the name of it?) that Cathy made - another blessing! You are an inspiration to me - so, thanks!

  6. Your cancer quilt is soooo pretty!
    Glad you liked your wall hanging!
    Love you!!!

  7. Such a lovely quilt! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. blessings,Kathleen

  8. What a great idea! I'm not a big fan of pinks either, but this quilt is just stunning! Love how it turned out! A speedy recovery to your DD's friend! I do hope they are able to treat her since it was discovered so early.
    Happy belated birthday! Love the SS & OS quilt! So cute!


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