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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

More projects with another helper

I love the reds and browns in this quilt!  The fabric is Maison de Garance from Moda. The center is another D9P.  Then bordered with pinwheels around.  It took 1 layer cake, 2 charm packs and fat quarter each of dark brown, med brown and red.  Voila !!  Here it is .... just for fun ....

I have been doing other things besides D9P .... honest, I have ....  here is the proof:

This is for DGD-M.  Her tastes lean toward a more modern, chic look.  We had gathered some of the fabrics before she moved this summer, but as I began to play with it this fall, I realized that some of the fabrics were not going to work in the total scheme of things.  

These each had glitter on them, so that was my BIG clue.  She wants glitter & glitz !  I found some black and charcoal sparkly fabrics that went well.  Then added some cool Tina Givens.  Looking good ....

About the picture above:  It represents 4 blocks.  There is an area about halfway toward the left that looks very white and bright ... frankly, it looks awful in the picture.  In reality, it is a very pretty lavender and looks good .... especially now that I have added more in other areas of the quilt top (I can't get used to calling it a flimsy)

Now if you look again about center towards the top of the quilt is a dark gray area that looks smudgy.  This fabric is causing an design conflict in our family ... My DD thinks this looks like duct tape and should be banned from the quilt.  Her daughters agree ... of course.  My husband, however, thinks it looks very classy and chic ... this from the guy who lives in t-shirts (1 for day time and 1 to sleep in) and uses duct tape regularly .... OK!  I have already changed that area 2 or 3 times already, but I have agreed to let them audition 3 or 4 other fabrics this weekend.  We shall see .....

I put together another block this morning before crashing for the day ......

I only turned around for less the 30 seconds .... really, I did not even leave the room.  Here she is ..... Miss Kitty offering her opinion as well on the new block.   Jeez !! Everyone has to get in on the act !!

Since I started quilting again it is becoming more and more of a family activity.  There is even a rumor that one the DGDs wants to try sewing.  Wouldn't that be fun !!

That is it for now .... would love to hear from all of you.  I really appreciate all your comments and do respond whenever possible (unless you are a no-reply blogger) ..... til next time ....


  1. I love your maison de garance quilt...can't wait to sew with that fabric some more!

  2. Love the combination with D9P and pinwheels, and the colors. Your DGD-M's quilt looks gorgeous! Can't wait to se it finished. I'm sure your cat wants you to make her a quilt too!

  3. Love your quilts and what an awesome thing to be able to teach one of your own.....

  4. Your D9P quilt is a hit!!! I love the pinwheels-D9P combo. It creates a great effect. Love it.
    Purple and black is always great to play with. I can't find fault with the "duct tape" areas. I like it actually. I think you are doing a great job, Joanne.

  5. I love the colors in both of them.

  6. Wow, you've turned into a quilting monster, lol! I sure like your work girlfriend, very cool! I find it interesting how family gets involved, I mean, who knew? Keep it up, it's gonna make you crazy or wanting to do more! By the way, where is the quilt just for Joanne? Hmm, that's what I thought! Hugs, Elaine

  7. Can't keep you down! Look at all the beauty you create. I have help like that all the time. Just ran one off of my keyboard.
    Hugs- Tete

  8. I love both the quilts but especially love the colors in the bottom pictures. I had to laugh about the comment about your husband. Mine has the same fashion sense. lol I have one whole load of nothing but t-shirts for him each week. And we won't talk about the duct tape, especially since they came out with all the colors. :)

  9. WHOA Joanne!!! You have been BUSY! How beautiful they each are! I love the red and brown the best...because those are two of my very favorite combinations!

    I think that is so cool that your family is getting involved...and opinioned about your quilts and sewing projects. That means they are enjoying your creativity, and they are investing their energy into it. AND they seem to want to SCARF your beautiful quilts! I'm very happy for you!

  10. Hi Joanne! I finally got a chance to catch up and read your wonderful blog posts! Your quilting is so lovely and I can understand your feelings in your first post. I am so glad you have joined blogspot. Blessings,Kathleen

  11. I was just looking at your D9P again...red and brown. You did such a good job on that, and the border just adds so much to it! So nice~!

  12. Joanne,
    I just relooked at your quilts..and again...I just love them, and am so impressed with your syle, colors and patterns! Keep up the great work!!!


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