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Sunday, March 14, 2010

I got lost !!!

I joyously bought my fabric and ran into a brick wall!  Truly ... I opened the door to the spare room to the realization I had allowed it to become a catch-all for everything.  In other words ... one big mess!

I knew where my machine was and the thread, but who knows what else.  I also realized that to work comfortably and peacefully I needed to bring order to this horrid room.  Stuff from all previous crafting adventures and memorabilia mixed up with stuff for the Salvation Army,  things from my parents after they passed plus boxes and boxes of photos that I had been trying to sort thru about 5 years ago ... when I gave up. 

Altho, it is embarrassing to show these photos, I thought it was important to actually see the evidence.  Missing from these 2 photos are the other 2 walls and one big closet, stuffed full.  It almost overwhelmed me.   I just wanted to shut the door and walk away.  But I didn't,  I am very proud to say.  So since my last posting, I have been trudging thru the mayhem of this room ... in between working a day job.  No, it is not all cleaned out, but it is sorted and organized so I can function in the space.   I can find what I need to sew.  The rest is in enough order for me to slowly sort thru little by little (photos and memorabilia etc.)

It was a bit of a treasure hunt. I found a few UFOs and my Granny's quilts.  Found most of my cross stitch supplies stuffed in a box.  There was very little left of my previous fabric stash  but it was interesting to see what I kept when I was  purging and getting rid of my "stuff".   To see now the fabrics I thought too pretty  to let go of despite my depression.  I found a kit for a flannel quilt that had been a gift from a patient years ago.   I found a BOM (block of the month) kit with everything complete and untouched.  I also found a pile of old hankies, scarves, gloves, fabrics etc that I had saved from my mother with the idea of making each sister a crazy quilt.

I have not included any "after" photos because my 2 grand-daughters (what is the blog abbreviation for that? ) from AZ are here for the week.  Another good reason I cleaned out the room.  My 12 year old has announced she wants to sew squares together to make a small quilt ... like we did years ago ... :-(
 Lucky for her I did save many of my FQ (fat quarters).
So this week there is no doubt ... I will be sewing.  

There will be another post this week. She has picked out the fabrics she likes.  Tomorrow night we will cut out the squares.  Then the next days she can play with the lay out while I am at work and we can begin sewing that evening.  This is exciting !

Stay tuned ......

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  1. Hummm...I was wondering. Thought Facebook had swallowed you up! Instead your spareroom had swallowed you up! LOL So glad your grandgirls are visiting. They will really remember this time with you! Can't wait to see the new small quilt. She may be your quilt appreciater you've been waiting for! Your quilting buddy!


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