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Saturday, February 27, 2010


I am in love with fabric again!!  It was like taking my chocoholic granddaughter to  a See Candy Store. I went last week to the local shops but now I have begun to build my stash again.  Yes, I spent money on fabric ..... oooo !!! 
 Fabric shopping on line was even better.  I ordered these fabrics from soggybottomflats.etsy.com.

I know my pictures are lousy, but I will get better at this.  I wasn't real confident about Etsy procedures and Paypal and all that.  But Elaine was very patient and walked me thru each step.  All while her DH was in the hospital (I told her I could wait).  The fabric arrived today !!!!  Wish she was here to see how excited I am and so I could give her a huge hug of thanks!!

I earned extra spending credit with my DH this week (see previous post) so off I went to buy fabric  today!!  For me, it felt like Christmas morning!!  This is a sampling of what I came home with.  I decided I could get more variety buying fat quarters ....  blues, aquas, greens, browns, purples with splashes of red here and there (altho red doesn't show up very well)

I know I must seem very silly and maybe a bit childish about these pieces of fabric.  But I know I am sharing my feelings & thoughts with fellow quilters, sewers and stitchers who embrace the joy that this brings.  I do feel a bit silly and giddy to be heading on this journey again.  It has been so long.  I got rid of most of my fabrics because I thought I would probably never quilt again.  I am still looking in nooks and closets around our house and in our storage shed, but am not coming up with much.  This is good .... a brand new start !!!

And maybe in the next week I will be able to post a block or two or three that I have actually done.  A long drink of fresh water after being in the dry dry desert for these past few years.

Also, a big applause for Elaine at Soggy Bottom Flats & store for her assistance.  If you don't know her, then stop by and say hello.  And a big warm thank you to my cousin, Cathy at Cathy Scrap Creations on Blogspot for encouraging me all along the way.  


  1. LOL...I can tell your thrilled and back into the GAME! That is wonderful!!! I may get to shop for fabric one day and I'll be just as excited. For now, I was sewing on Gwynie's quilt and now that I'm 4/5ths done, I want to cut it up and discard atleast 1/2 of it. I think I need to work on smaller projects for a while. But I am so glad you are excited and looking FORWARD to good things! I may need you to Point me back on the path if my sewing doesn't improve! LOL I love your choices of Fabrics..and so glad you have a new friend on the blog and Etsy! I really like the pink on the top from Elaine that looks like it has tree branches. I noticed I really go for the pink colors. I never thought of myself as a pink girl but I am! I use to like the bold colors, and now I see I like the bright pastel colors. Congrats on your successful day! Much love!!! ♥♥♥

  2. We miss hearing from you Ms Joanne! :) Work and no play! You know how that goes!

  3. am trying to figure out if this comes up as no reply

  4. I feel the same way about fabric. I love every fabric I see and want a yard of it. I wish I was better at quilting,but I love the journey of trying. Can't wait to see your ideas on what you're honna do with your pretty fabric..


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