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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Exploring ...

I said I started this blog to jump-start myself back into my long lost creative mode.  While I was home from work sick, I did start going thru a couple of closets and found a pile of UFOs.  THAT was very discouraging!  But then I read someone's blog last night .... she was talking about how it is OK to not finish every UFO, that sometimes you just have to say I am done with that and move on.  So I washed all the cat hair off the fabrics, put them in a box, sealed the box and closed the closet door.

Today I went to the doctor around noon. My plan was to stop in a quilt store on my way home.  That is a very big deal for me because I have not been inside a quilt store of any kind in at least 4-5 years. I was so wonderful walking around all the gorgeous fabrics and luscious colors !  Heavenly !! I wanted 1 or 2 yards of at least 100 bolts!  Maybe I will take a class ... that will get me out of my cave (my house) and socializing with new people.

 I noticed a stitchery shop on my way home from the quilt shop.  Aha!!!  Yes, I stopped and went in there too.  I love cross stitch !!  My favorite designers are still around and I got a peek at their new stuff .... haven't been in a stitchery store in 4-5 years either !!  I seem to like the more complex and detailed stuff .... which takes me forever to finish.

Soon I will start and get back to my old self of having 4 or 5 projects going at once.  My husband goes absolutely nutso that I do that.  It is his opinion that I should start something and finish it before moving on to something else ..... that is so boring!   He will get over it, because having lots of stuff going on is my "normal" and he knows it.


  1. you go girl, get lots of goodies going! good luck, Elaine

  2. since I've been putting a new sewing room together I've had to get out all my fabrics and UFO's, and you are right...some you just want to call flops and forget them. I think it is better the store them away because someday you may come up with a whole new purpose for them, like re-cut them into something else like a purse! LOL

  3. Korie has left a new comment on your post "Exploring ...":

    I like your idea of taking a class and believe that will be a good avenue for getting your mojo back. Good luck and keep us posted. Hugs.

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comments ~ it's always nice to meet new friends!

    One of the reasons I started my blog (back in July 2008) was becasue of all the creative inspiration I was seeing...I guess I was hoping it would rub off! : )

    I still don't get to create as often as I want to but just having the blog itself satisifies a little of my "being creative" side. I hope you find lots of inspiration and plenty of time to create.

    Have a happy day!


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