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Friday, February 26, 2010

Best laid plans ....

Nothing went as planned today,altho I did get a half day in at work on my day job (as an RN) today ... gotta keep the money coming.  My dh is a man and according to him there some things about being a man that just cannot be helped.... because God put testosterone in their bodies and consequently all men are "testosterone-stupid".  Truly this is his explanation to me.

Along the same line of thought is that it seems most men have an intense aversion to going to the doctor or even admitting there is something wrong beyond their control.  In medicine, we call it "denial". For my husband it is "just the way things are".

He has been having fairly bad sciatic type pain for over a week, but nothing he felt needed a doctor's attention ... even tho he just had surgery on his spine 7 months ago.  This morning as I was leaving for work I saw him trying to sneak (yes, sneak) into the bathroom only...  he could not stand up straight and was barely walking.  So after a very controlled knock- down-drag-out, a doctor's appointment was made. Ah, but he was going to drive himself!  Whatever !!!

My daughter is well versed in this testosterone male affliction and after she heard what was going on, she called him to have another controlled knock-down-drag-out with her Dad.  She then drove him to the doctor where I met them.

When the doctor walked in and saw me sitting there, he knew there was trouble and said so !

So now dh is on 2 Vicodin every 8 hours, muscle relaxants and a double dose of a nerve pain medication.  For those of you who do not know medications .... that is enough to bring a small horse down.  He is still awake and finally reasonably comfortable altho he still cannot stand up straight.  He has a new friend that is the only thing that allows him to walk .... a wheeled walker !!  Imagine that !!!

We have been home for 9 hours and I have not said one word to even hint at "I told you so".  I am so proud of myself !!!  But then I have had over 30 years experience with this particular testosterone-filled man.  About 5 minutes ago, he mentioned that it was good I took him to the doctor today .... that is as close as he will come to apology or acknowledgement ... I know and accept that ... because I know he is embarrassed  by his own foolish denial of the obvious facts.

Now, none of this has anything to do with stitching directly.  But I have noticed that bloggers talk about a lot of different things.  In an indirect way, it does have something to do with quilting.  I know he feels bad that he was such a jerk this past week and he knows he has very pathetically acknowledged that..... SO that means that if I spend some extra money on fabric this weekend, he will not question or give me a hard time.  (Altho his concern, might be valid as I have not quilted in 4-5 years.)  Oh well !!!

But I am on my way !!! I have fallen in love with fabrics again !!!  I can't wait to shop on Saturday !!!  Thank you all for listening, I feel much better now.  Nite, nite.


  1. Well Joanne,
    That was a very good blog! You opened your heart and life up to us other bloggers that have our own 'crap' in life to deal with, and it makes us all one big Family of 'crap' bloggers!!! LOL I hope that is explained okay. A side note here is that people think my url says...Cathys Crap Creations! LOL Well..I will continue to pray for your dh...that he will be back in the 'saddle' soon! That he can earn his Testosterone title...ROARRRRR! :) Your a good wife! (pat on the back)

  2. Good job, Joanne!! Written in a way that makes it easy for readers to relate with an "uh-huh, I get that!" and some laughs. Have fun shopping at the fabric store ... you deserve it! I'm glad to see the joy and enthusiasm returning. :-)

  3. P.S. You and DD make quite a team. Testosterone or not, DH doesn't stand a chance against you two. He might as well hang his head and say, "okay, I'll cooperate ..." lol! Good job. Hugs, K


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