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Friday, February 12, 2010

A real Singer sewing machine ....

This is my very first sewing machine !  And, yes, I did use it.  I do not remember how old I was when I got it but I know I started sewing in the first grade.

I made lots of doll clothes with it and was very happy with my accomplishment. It took a lot of coordination to crank that wheel and move my fabric along with only 2 little hands.

It was even a SINGER ... that was THE brand to have for many years !

In the second grade I made my first big person project.  It was an apron for my mother on her birthday and Mother's Day.  A neighbor helped me put it all together.  I have been sewing ever since.

Over the years (more than 50) I have moved a kazillion times thru times of turmoil as well as times of peaceful transition .....  my little sewing machine went every where with me.  It  is amazing to me that I still have it !  I still lose my car keys every other day .....


  1. Wow Joanne, what a wonderful Singer machine and story!!! I never knew about it. I also have never seen that model before! It is fantastic!!! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. I hope you are feeling better. I love vintage sewing machines, and the fact that one was yours and you used: Priceless! Nice to meet you. Karmen

  3. How wonderful to still have that treasure!! Thanks for visiting my site also!

  4. Thank you ! I am slowly getting the hang of all this.

  5. Hi, what a neat little machine...and a Singer! I look forward to seeing some of your projects, thanks for popping over to my blog today, Elaine

  6. Joanne, thanks so much for your kind comment on my blog. I've now become a follower of yours. My mom still uses her 52 year old Singer. She bought a new computerized Brother, hated it, and gave it to me. She calls her Singer her old friend. Welcome to the blogging world, new friend.

  7. What a treat to still have that little Singer from your childhood! I have always wondered how anyone could crank adn manipulate fabric at the same time. I just hapen to be reading Ruth Brandon's "Singer and the Sewing Machine" about the history of the invention of the sewing machine and specifically Singer's empire. It's a fascinating read written in a narrative style and readily available used via amazon.com.

  8. Hi Joanne
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving comments. I always appreciate the input. Cute little machine you have. I have a Janome 6600 and still love my featherweight the most, go figure! Elaine

  9. What a wonderful story! How nice that you still have your first little sewing machine ~ but even more, how special that you have all those memories!

    Welcome to the land of Blog!


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