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Friday, October 15, 2010

Puzzle Finish

First I want to thank all of you who emailed me and left comments regarding my last post.  I tried to respond to all of you but in case I missed someone then .... THANK YOU !!!  Your words of enouragement and advice were very helpful and appreciated.  As corny as it sounds ... it did make a difference in my life.

My time at home has been extended another 2 weeks for now.  My physical problems remain the same but my perspective and attitude have changed tremendously in the past week.  Amazing !!

Now on to my finished quilt top:

That last stretch to the finish was an effort .... this is the first bed-size quilt I have done since returning to quilting and I love the end result !  The top was too big for me to handle for a full picture but when it comes back from the longarm lady I will get a full picture of it.

There was a huge mess all over the house when I was done!  OMG!  I was further blessed that my DH did not offer one complaint about.  He even helped me clean it all up by vacuuming.  What a sweetheart!

 I was curious as to how many different fabrics I used.  A scrap here, a fat quarter there and ended up with over 100.  Here are the leftovers:

I still need to make a matching pillow sham, but am taking a break from these little 6 inch squares for now.  I have an "Origins" layer cake to make into a D9P.  I told you I was addicted to the pattern!!  It is simple, easy and quick.  Yeah !!!


  1. HURRAY...HURRAH!!! JOANNE!!! You completed it and it is BEAUTIFUL!!! What a master piece! Again, you sure impress me and are my example of getting a job done~~~ I'm proud of you!!! :)

  2. Glad you got it finished and it looks great! I can't even imagine trying to tackle this one.
    Congrats on the new attitude.
    Hugs- Tete

  3. WOW!!! CONGRATS!! It's gorgeous! I love the bright fabrics you have used - very beautiful. A great way using scraps.

  4. That is one amazing quilt! I love it, and want one of my own!!!!! Is it possible for you to tell me where I can find the pattern? Congratulations on finishing it.
    Glad you have a new perspective on things. Sounds like you are more at ease now.

  5. I bought this pattern from a Clotilde book,it`s a Lehmann Quilting pattern,but I have seen it at JoAnn`s store too.I want to make it so bad,my son loves to do puzzles so it would make a good Christmas gift.Yours is just beautiful!phylliso

  6. somehow I missed this post and didn't see the quilt - it is wonderful and sure does look like a puzzle!
    I hope your physical problems get better - from one who has chronic medical problems I know it can be a pain in the butt!

  7. The puzzle quilt looks amazing! As a new-bee quilter, I've enjoyed reading about it, and your other quilt projects.


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