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Monday, August 16, 2010

Time off !!

I have this entire week off ..... yippee !!!  There is so much I want to do and so much I need to do.  The most important thing is for me to rest and relax.

So today I got my quilts ready to take to the quilter.  I finally had to be honest with myself that as long as I am working and dealing with chronic illness, I am not able to quilt my own quilts .... that is, if I ever want them to actually be finished.  So I found someone in another area of San Diego county to do them for me.  Yeah !!!

These are the Minkee quilts I started a couple of months ago.  The fabric is luscious but very hard to work with ... even with a walking foot.  I kept thinking "man, I do not want to do this again !"  "Absolutely do not ..... "

My DD1 wanted something simple with lots of texture .... and here it is.  Some of the fabrics have a deep pile, some are nubby, some are a lower pile and they are all luxuriously soft.   I was fortunate to find a variety of Minkee prints and colors online at reasonable rate.  My DD1 had no idea what Minkee fabric was so when the shipment arrived, I took the box to her house and let her dive in !!!  She was soooo excited and she  rarely gets excited about fabric!

When the quilt was finished, I had a lot of left over strips.  So I thought 'what the heck, I will make another one.' After all I am a quilter, I have to use up the scraps ..... right!?

Number 2:

So my DD1  gets 2 quilts to match the new colors in her family room!!  And despite the hard work .... it was fun because it was a labor of love!!

But now EVERYONE wants a Minkee quilt.  No, no, no ..... please "no".  After some negotiation I reached a compromise with my DGDs ..... Minkee fabric will go on the back of their quilts.

The Pinwheel Party quilt for my DGD3 is finished.  To make it the right size for her to have a cuddle- quilt I had to add an additional row of blocks across and down.  I even made a few original pinwheel blocks so there would not be so much repetition.  I found a yellow Minkee on sale for the backing  and it is perfect ...

I have taken a lot of pictures of this quilt and cannot seen to get a decent shot.  I think it is the colors.  I am hoping when I get it back from the quilter, I will be able to get a good picture.

Actually, none of the pictures here came out very good.  I am not a good photographer and I was tired today.  Besides if I wait til I take the perfect picture, it will be another month before I post again.  So this is what I got, folks !

What is next .... well my other 3 DGD  already have their orders in.  One challenge is DGD1 here in San Diego ... she loves the Cherish Nature line by Moda, but has a more modern style.   Hmmmmm .... still looking for the right design.  I found perfect pattern for DGD4 ... Jigsaw Puzzle ..... BUT her color selections and ideas are way out there !!!  I will save that story for another blog.

Will post again soon ..... Cheers and God Bless.  Would love to hear from you !


  1. Welcome back Joanne!!! I am so happy for your time off!!! HURRAY!

    Your quilt tops are so pretty, and again I am so impressed. Just ask me how many tops I've gotten done! None! But I will soon.

    Have a wonderful time off!

  2. OOOOH, two Minkee quilts! She's the lucky one! The colors are great! The pinwheel quilt is very pretty too. I'll love to see them finished! :)

  3. Love the minkee quilts - luscious and luxurious! Your DD1 won't need them in So.Cal. Maybe I should get them instead for those cold NY winter nights! Nah - I have mine, and she will LOVE them. All the quilts are just beautiful ~


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