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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Quilter's Puzzle

My DD2, her new DH and 2 girls moved to D.C. this summer.  Before they left I told the girls I would make them quilts for their new beds in their new house and I took them shopping.  DGD1 already had most of her favorite fabrics collected, but DGD2 was a challenge.  She has very unique tastes.  After selecting the puzzle pattern, she selected the following for her "base" fabric .... Kaffe Fasset Targets

I instructed her to pull colors out of the fabric to add to the overall quilt design.  I was concerned she might be overwhelmed at 10 in such a large quilt store.  But silly me ... she took off running, picking out bolts of fabric and carrying them to the cutting table.  She knew exactly what she wanted .... bright, bold and crazy !!!

There is even a fabric of just oranges, whole and sliced!!  DD2 has very, very different tastes and was stunned to see what her DD picked out.  DD2 expressed great doubt that I could even put in all together in an attractive way.  But DGD2 was able to show us how each one of her selections matched a color in her original fabric ..... way to go girl !!!!

 I got started sewing about 6 weeks later .... that is when I realized that each square was only 6.5 inches (for some reason I thought they were 10 inch squares) ... I was going to need more fabrics to avoid a LOT of close repetition.  Last week I had 16 little blocks done:

Then while exploring in a new-to -me quilt shop I found this: Kaffe Fasset Targets in RED !!!!  Perfect !!!

So I have been picking up fat quarters here and there, pulling wild and crazy fabrics out of my stash and slowly building her jigsaw puzzle quilt.  The sewing and pattern are a piece of cake ... it is deciding what fabric goes next that takes the most time.

I tape the quilt to the mirrored closet door on my side of the bed so I can look at it as I do stuff or rest.  I "audition" fabrics by pinning them to the blocks all around.  After a couple of days of looking and making numerous changes, I am ready to sew.  It is slowly coming along ... I now have 56 blocks done:

If you look close you can see the little swatches of fabric that are currently being auditioned.  My husband absolutely loves this quilt and that is saying a lot from him.

Onward and upward ... 56 sounds like a lot but I have a long ways to go yet.


  1. I LOVE it also!~! It seems just like a puzzle. And yet the pattern is simple, IF you consider the matching of the fabric before. It looks like it takes a lot of concentration. Do you have to prelay out the pieces before sewing a row? Very nice!!! GD2 will love it~

  2. That is amazing! Looks like a fun, fabulous quilt. I enjoy how all the colours just jump at you, but still match and work with each other. I won't mind having a quilt like that.

  3. Isn't it amazing how kids can put thing together so fast. the quilt is looking good! It is going to be a fun bright quilt. She'll love it.

  4. The quilt looks amazing. I just love reading your blog. Cannot wait to see the finished product. What a brave girl to stay true to herself and a wonderful Grandma to help her express that.

  5. That is goin to be one amazing quilt...love the fabrics you have chosen.

  6. WOW! This quilt is hot! I love the way it comes out and the bright colors she has chosen! You are a wonderful grandma and she's going to LOVE IT!


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