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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It is over !!!

The wedding festivities are over !!  And I survived !!  The last of the guests are leaving tomorrow, but I already went back to work at my day job.  So my DH gets to play host. Ta ta!!

The wedding was lovely!!  People came from as far away as Idaho, Florida  and New York and even Italy!!  Some old family friends of ours that are now scattered all over CA were here too.  We have not seen them in over 20 yrs.  One of their dgtrs used to babysit my kids and now she is a lovely young lady with kids of her own.  It was fun introducing her as my dgtrs'  babysitter.  I just cannot help myself ... I still enjoy embarrassing my girls !!

DD2's new husband is of Scandinavian background and his family was wonderfully warm, friendly and fun.  It was a pleasure to meet them all.  It was impressive to see how much they all think of him.  A whole new life ahead of them. A brand new start!

They knew each other many years ago in Tyler, TX. They even dated for a while when DD2 was  just out of high school.  All their friends at that time thought they would be a couple, but life intervened and they ended up going their separate ways.   20 years later they connected again and really fell in love !! Now they truly are "a couple". Some of their friends from 'way back then' were able to come to the wedding and rejoice with them.  What a story !!

But ENOUGH !!!  I am ready to get sewing again.... besides altering wedding clothes.  Can't wait to finish the Pinwheel quilt and my DD1's Minky quilt.   Yeah !!  (Oh, I will post pictures later.)


  1. Congrats on the wedding! A great day for all of you! After busy festive days you are back to normal again; sewing! :)
    Take good care!

  2. The Wedding sounded just lovely!!! It seems that will be very happy in their new life together. What a blessing to find a long lost love! :) NOW we want to see your new projects.

  3. One wedding guest came all the way from Florida too! Not significant enough to mention, I guess. :-(

  4. Korie, I fixed my omission. Am sorry !!


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