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Monday, April 26, 2010

Treasure hunting !!

Decided to clean out my huge double hall closet.  Sorted thru lots of toys and old craft projects of the kids and then I began to discover treasure!!  Two packages of batting came rolling out and a medium box of fabric I had forgotten about.  Pretty fabric .....

Next I found 3 scrappy Log Cabin quilts ... quilted and ready for binding!!  And buried beneath old sheets was the quilt top my Aunt Helen gave me AND 2 scrappy quilt tops (flimsies) !! 

I then recalled a time when I had decided to go on a "fabric diet".  No new fabric !!   My goal was to make as many quilts as I could from all my scraps. It took me a year but I made over a dozen ..... 2 tops were donated for  fund raisers, several were quilted and shipped off to friends and family.  Here at last were the remaining ones ....

A little further into the closet I found 2 quilts I had made out of my Granny's scrap bag.  After my Granny died ever so many years ago (my kids were young) my Dad gave me a bag of her scrap fabrics.  For many years, there was a shirt factory in the area she lived and she would collect scraps from them to make her quilts with. 

Also inside that bag of scraps were quite a few hand sewn hexagons. I made them into a quilt.   At one time I had been hand quilting it . Can you see the cross-hatch quilting?

Here it was that precious quilt again!  Those of you who have been following my blog since I started on January 31, 2010 will remember that I stopped sewing and quilting many years ago.  I gave away most of my fabric and I guess I stashed away the things I still wanted.  But I had forgotten where it all was and even what I had kept.

There were many coordinating fabrics in the bag of scraps from the shirt factory. I started a Desden Plate quilt with some of them.  My DD in AZ has ALWAYS wanted that quilt and when she saw it being pulled out of the closet she became extremely excited ..... "Mom, please can I have it now? Please".  It was sad to see my DD, now a grown woman, begging for this quilt ... so I said "yes". .... which means now I have to finish it!    (The pix makes it look like the is a pink stain on the quilt, but there is not .... must be my camera)

I was so thrilled to find these treasures!!  Such a very special encouragement to me on my journey back! 

While DD was here from AZ with her girls I finished their quilts that I posted a few weeks ago.

Everyone went home very happy !!!!


  1. What awesome finds.....and what great memories.

  2. Oh so many treasures you've been digging out from the closet! All of them are so beautiful, and especially I like the log cabin one! I love log cabin quilts! I'm going to make a lap quilt to my best friend's mother and now you have decided for me to make it log cabin! :) Thank you! :)) I hope to see your treasures finished soon.

  3. I do what you have done every so often and I have found some amazing stuff that I have 'squirreled' away...

  4. You lucky girl!
    The only treasures in my closet are clothes that are too small. LOL!

    I would have loved to find treasures like yours.


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