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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lucky & Kitty

These are 2 of our 3 Ragdoll cats. The one with her head on top 
is Lucky and is Mom to Kitty. Lucky was rescued from the
 grandchildren who loved kitties but were too young 
to know how to treat them.  
 Kitty is a bit unusual 
as she loves to play fetch with her assorted toys or with 
an especially crinkly piece of cellophane. 
One of her weekly chores is to "help" me fill my pill
 box each week.  Pills make fascinating batting-around 
toys for little paws!
No matter where I am working they are present.  
Be it fabric, thread or paper one or both of them will 
plant themselves in the middle of the project with a 
look that says "I dare you to move me".


  1. I love your kitties! Hope to see a picture of Mocha! :) Isn't this fun!!

  2. That was a nice update on your sweet kitties! I didn't know they were a specific breed...Ragdoll cats! That is very interesting. My cat Patches is 22 years old. A nice old lady!

  3. What sweet kitties. You asked whether my kitty was a ragdoll. He was a stray, so we don't know his pedigree, but we always thought he was a Maine Coon until we saw a picture of a Norwegian Forest Cat in a magazine that looked EXACTLY like our cat. His name was Lucky and we lost him last June. I still miss him - he was a very sweet cat. We had him for 16 years, so I am very grateful for that.


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